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Just me.

The return of Banter Latte!

Posted on 2013.06.05 at 18:18
Hello all!

It's been a long time since I've been here, but I thought I'd jump in and mention that my fiction blog, Banter Latte, has revived and is once again updating. This includes new Mythology of the Modern World entries, Interviewing Trey (the sequel to Interviewing Leather), and Lovelace 1/2, an entirely new serial.

Otherwise, stuff is going well. I hope you are having an excellent life as well.


akilika at 2013-09-27 21:00 (UTC) (Link)
I understand that you're probably disconnected and uninterested in most of the things you had running before the hiatus--"Villify 5" you seemed to have already been losing interest in--but I still have to ask...

...I don't suppose there's any chance we'll see more of Refraction?

I'm not sure why I like him so much, mind--I think it's largely the villain who up and retired not out of being defeated, or of any reformation, but seeing how gosh-darn *pointless* the whole game was. (I mean, reforming would make him a better person, but this still makes for a neat character angle.)

(On a related note, I'm not sure why the Ancient Mariner had such a problem with taking him down like that--you've removed a supervillain from the pool entirely, and probably made one or two who were thinking about it reconsider. Isn't that just what, for instance, Dynamo Girl was trying to do with the thugs and the stripper? Embarrass and humiliate in order to demoralize? This just seems like a different and more-direct line to that goal, PARTICULARLY with someone who seems to get OFF on involved villain-fights.)

Also, the dot-com villain is a neat idea.

So... yeah. No pressure, of course--I know nothing rusts the creative wheels like folks demanding something. I was just curious if you had any other plans. (Particularly since ... well, him being young and fresh-faced is a huge part of his character, you seem to be writing most of your "Justice Wing" stories in the present, and he would have aged half a decade by then. So it kind of seems likely he'd have shaken out of continuity, and I guess I just wanted to ask.)
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